Bundle order

Bundle option is currently unavailable!
Returning early January!

Are you looking for 8 or more pairs of ears and/or horns?

Yes! Horns and Limited edition styles can be part of a bundle!

Subject to our availability, We are now open for bundle orders!
Available Any Day-Any Time! No need to wait for restocking day!
 Contact us today!
Contact us using the green chat button or through instagram @madhousefxstudio.
Please, make sure you read all the info before sending a message!

What do we accept?

Orders of 8 or more pairs of ears and/or horns.
There is no fixed bundle price obviously, prices are the same listed on the site. Just go to each listing and sum the prices of the styles you want!
You can mix latex and silicone styles as you like! There is no limitation on styles. Get what you want! Also, note that we only offer custom colours on our silicone ears. Our Latex ears are available only in base tone.
If you want to order custom colours, we will need the reference photos before creating your order. Keep that in mind!
(Note that if you order custom options, your order will take longer to ship than if you order base tone!)
We will only ship to countries listed on our FAQ.
We know it might be difficult to get those quantities on our restocks, so this option is available to help those of you who need more than 8 pairs of ears, for instance, LARP groups, cosplay groups... or just any of you!
Of course, if you know of any friends who are in need of ears, you can team to make a single order.
This ''group'' order, must be sent to one address and will be taken as a single order. We will make 1 single private listing, and will ship 1 single package, so keep that in mind.
Also, payment options are the same listed on our FAQ. We do not accept other payment options not listed here.
We do not offer installment payments. Once you get the invoice, you have to make one single payment.

What we will not accept?

We will not accept orders for 7 pairs or less. It must be 8 or more.
Please note that we will not answer messages asking for less than 8 pairs.
Also, this is not a wholesale and will not answer messages asking for discounts or gifts.
We will not accept group orders sent to different addresses.
We will not accept orders for resale.

How will it be?

Pretty easy;
Contact us using the green chat button or through Instagram @madhousefxstudio.
Please contact us when you are ready to make your order.
If you are looking to place an order in the future, contact us then.
Write us a message with the following:
Exact number of pairs and styles you want
Email, full name and shipping address (we also recommend adding a phone number)
And let us know if you need them for a specific date
We will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer and an estimated processing time.
(You can check our prices on the listings anytime)
We will ship your Bundle order using Registered mail. Handling + Shipping have a fixed cost of 10€.
If we both agree, we will create a listing for you.
This listing will be available during 24h.

Special notes

If after 24 hours, you have not completed the order, we will remove it and it will be understood that the buyer is not interested anymore.
If you contact us again after we have removed your 1st order, to place it again, we will give you a new handling time and create a new order for you.
If for a 2nd time, you don't complete the order, we will remove it and will not answer further requests.
Please, if you have a deadline, we recommend you to contact us as soon as possible. Bundles are available anyday-anytime, so we will not accept orders that do not have an acceptable processing time. Understand that we have to make your order after you make your purchase, we do not have them in stock. And there might be other bundles before yours. Also, keep in mind delivery times.
Our ears don't come with label/tags for each style. What you receive are the styles you ordered so it cannot be more easy to know which one is which one! Also note that we have great photos if you check the listings for references. If you still have trouble sorting them out, because you ordered many styles or anything, you can send us a photo and we will be more than happy to write all the names on top of each ear of course!
Due to the custom nature of this order, Bundle Orders are Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable.
Thank you!