FAQ + More info and policies

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How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is using the chat button on our site or through Ig @madhousefxstudio!
Please note that if you contact us through email, we will probably miss the notification, so truly recommend to reach us through those two options!

When will your next restock be?

We are currently only accepting Bundles (see info).

You are always sold out, why is that?

For the past years, we are selling out shortly after every restocking.
We only make a limited number of pieces. Note we hand make every single of our pieces, we also take care of the site, and process your orders personally. We also have a huge collection, and only offer a Top quality product. That takes time.
Our work is very Unique as you can see at first sight, and our goal is not to be a large company or to have unlimited stock for a higher demand, but to offer a unique product, something we really take care of and you will feel. And we are more than happy to say we are where we want to be and that we offer only the best. Also, no! we don't take pre-orders! If you don't want to miss out, stay tuned to @madhousefxstudio on instagram for all the updates!

How often do you restock?

We don't have a set date for restockings. Always announce them through instagram posts and countdowns. We usually have many bundles in the making,  (see info) so restockings will take place when we are more free from Bundles and have actual stock to sell. Remember you can place a Bundle order anytime, no need to wait for restocking.

Can I find your pieces somewhere else?

No, we do not sell to retailers or make our products to other brands/shops.
Our products are exclusively sold in our store! You cannot find them anywhere else.

I contacted you here or on instagram but received no answer

If you send a message, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We may miss a message eventually! so please try again.
Sometimes, we may not answer messages with questions already answered here. Also, your message could be lost through instagram filters.
But if we receive any rude, impolite or angry message for example for not being able to make a purchase, we wil very much probably not answer it. Same applies to messages asking for private orders, custom orders, orders outside of restockings/bundles, or asking for any kind of preferential treatment. If you are not happy with our shopping process, you think waiting times are not for you, or you just cannot deal with our restockings, please, feel free to go somewhere else. Our ears are unique on the market and cannot be found anywhere else. We believe in the quality of our pieces and know they are worth the wait. We treat all our customers fairly, and it would not be fair to make a custom order for you while everyone else has to wait for a new restocking/bundle. Long story short, no, we will not make a custom/private order for you.

What payment options do you have?

We offer most used online payment options;
Debit and Credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay,  Google Pay, Bancontact, iDeal
*(You can use Paypal if you have it linked to Googe play, Google pay also requires a card linked.) Otherwise we do not accept it.

These are the ONLY payment methods available, any other payment method not stated here, is not accepted

How long will it take for my order to ship?

We ship all regular orders in 1-8 working days

How many shipping options do you have?

We are from Spain
-Orders inside Spain: Free Registered mail
-We currently offer two international shipping options:
  ·Free standard shipping on all orders
  ·Registered mail 10.00€

Please note that standard mail has NO insurance. In the event of non delivery, please understand we have also lost the product and the shipping costs. Please be aware that we cannot always offer replacements on parcels shipped via this method. We will work to find the best solution for both of us.
If you live on the countryside, if you do not have a mailbox, if you live on a shared house, if you live at a student residence, if you are sending to a PO BOX or if you are worried for any reason about shipping, consider choosing Registered mail.
Please be aware that if you Select Registered mail, the number that you receive is a Postal service Registration number. To some destinations as the US or Australia, it is not always a tracking number. It will let you to track your package as it moves through our country, but it doesn't always allow you to track your package once it leaves our country. But, once the package arrives in your country, you can drop into your local post office and, providing the number, ask for your package.
We do not ship to dropshipping points/ freight forwarders, package forwarding companies, proxy address, or any other address that is not your private address/ working address. If we do not ship to your country, using an alternative proxy address is not allowed. If you place an order using one of this addresses and we detect it (we will very much probably will) we will cancel your order. The Billing address must also be to a country we ship to.
Please note that we cannot be responsible either if you send your order to a friend/ family member who lives in another country because your country is not available for shipping on our store. We can work with you if you are the final recipient of the order, but we cannot be sure if other persons are aware of that shipment reception, or if they will be alert for that delivery.

Also, we do not ship to Hotels, vacational appartments, or similar.

Which countries do you ship to?

Nowadays, we only ship to the following countries:

-Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

-Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, United Kindom (Excl. Northern Ireland)

-Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United States (Excl. Alaska, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands)

If your country is not listed here, then we don't ship there

Canarias: *Amigos Canarios, si quieren hacer un pedido, envíen un mensaje!❤
What are your delivery times?

-Spain: aprox. 2-7 working days
-Europe: aprox. 4-20 working days
-Rest of the world: aprox. 5-30 working days
This is subject to change for multiple carrier or holiday reasons.
Please note that due to the pandemic, staffing shortages, weather condition, and other causes, it might be normal to experience delays.

What's the difference between latex and silicone? which one is better?

Both, our latex and silicone ears are Top Quality, and one is not better than the other! The decision will pretty much depend on your needs and taste!
But here are some differences:



Can I place a custom order?

We do not offer custom or private orders outside restockings/bundles and most of the times will not answer this messages!
Any tips for a faster checkout?

Yes! Create an account before restocking and save your shipping details. If you try to enter them at checkout, you will probably be too late. Decide the ears you would like to purchase before restocking instead of scrolling at restocking time. Check our FAQ to know everything you need before restocking.

I had an item in my basket and when I headed to pay it was sold out, what happened?

We, as most online stores, do not have cart holding and have a first come first serve system. This means, as long as you don't complete an pay your purchase, this item is still in stock and anyone can buy it.
I made separate orders to the same address, what will I receive?

If you placed 2 or more different orders at the same time, to the same address and using the same customer account, we may ship all your items together on the same envelope.
If you paid for shipping costs more than once, we may issue a partial refund to ship all items together.
If you placed different orders to the same address but with a different account, we cannot guarantee that your orders will ship together.
Why there is no tracking info on my order?

Check that you selected Registered mail at checkout. If you selected Standard mail, there is no tracking info available. If you selected Registered mail and cannot find it, you can contact us in case we didn't add it.
Tracking is not working, what can I do?

On certain areas (specially in the US and Australia) online tracking may not work once envelopes arrive at the destination country or once they leave our country.
But you can still drop into your local post office and, providing the number we gave you, ask for your envelope.

Tracking says delivered, but I have not received it. What should I do?

Please note that we hand packages over to the shipping company, but they are delivering them. If tracking says delivered, it says delivered on our end too, so please head to your local post office as soon as possible to know what happened. First ask your housemates if they brought it in and put it where it could not possibly get lost.  If you have any doubts about where the package was delivered then the delivery company should be contacted for an investigation. Delivery trucks and scans usually have GPS that can tell where a truck went. They could also question the delivery driver of the truck your package was on.

Mailman probably just couldn't deliver your order and marked it as delivered for any reason, but have it waiting for you at the post office. Sometimes a Notice that the parcel was not left gets lost and the shipment is waiting at the PO. 
Or they delivered it to the wrong address/person, in which case you should fill a claim with your local carrier to get to the bottom of the issue. Also, a stolen package is not the responsibility of the seller, so you may have to fill a report to the authorities, or the delivery company. But once your envelope is handled by your locacl carrier, I am afraid there is not much we can do. Tracking is a Seller Protection against false claims of non-delivery. But of course will work with you to try to find the best solution possible. Please send us a photo/ copy of your report so we can help you.
I made a mistake on my address/ forgot to add a house number and my order has already shipped. What can I do?

On some cases, we will eventually receive the envelope back if they cannot deliver it to you. It may take quite a bit. Contact us so we can arrange a solution that works for both of us. It may include additional charges.
We have multiple warnings about double checking your shipping details. If you made a mistake, didn't notify us before shipping, and your order gets shipped, we are not responsible for any package loss if you made a mistake on your end.
We consider an address is incomplete or incorrect when there is no Name/Surname, no Apartment or House number, no Street name, missing or incorrect Postal code or any missing part that makes delivery not possible.
It is also responsibility of the customer if you entered an old address that you cannot longer access.
I have not received my order, and my address is correct, what options do I have?

In case of non delivery, contact us through the chat on our website or through instagram so we can look into it. We will claim the package back and our mail service will tell us the current state of the envelope. If it has actually been delivered, if it is still in transit, through customs or sent back to us.
This may take a bit so we ask for your patience. After that, we will offer you a solution according to the situation. It may include additional charges.
Please note that standard mail has NO insurance. In the event of non delivery, please understand we have also lost the product. We will work to find the best solution for both of us.

I have not received my order, and tracking status says '' could not be delivered'','' rejected by recipient'' or similar. I did not refuse the envelope. What can I do?

We are very aware that many things can happen upon delivery.
First step would be to drop into your local post office and ask for the envelope. There might be many reasons for that status, whether postman/woman had any issues, errors at mail service site, envelope rejected by a housemate, and so on. Please keep in mind that, even though you say you did not reject the package, on our end, it officially says that you did. We of course know and understand that this can be a mistake. First it would be your responsibility to check with your mail service and find out what happened. Please understand that we cannot check with a foreign mail service for you.
In the event of a non resolution on their end, we will work with you to find another solution. We may or may not get that envelope back ( unfortunately, it may take a really long time or never happen) So we will offer you a few options depending on the case. It might be a refund, to wait for the envelope to come back to us and re pay for shipping costs, to send a whole new order paying for another shipping or other solution. Please understand that we have also lost the first shipping costs and any costs related to the order, and we cannot afford to re make and re ship more items at our entire cost. Understand that mail services are an independent thing and just as you are not responsible for their loss, we cannot be either.


My order is stucked at customs, what can i do?

The buyer is always responsible for carrying out any customs procedures that the shipment requires, as well as paying any import tax/fees. We have no control over these charges and we can't tell you what the cost would be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. Your local post office will help you make any arrangements.

I placed an order but I moved and changed my address after that. What Can I do?

If you selected Free shipping, please understand that the envelope is probably waiting for you on the mailbox. Even if there is no one living at the address. Regular mail does not require a signature upon delivery so mail service just deliver them on the mailbox as usual. Meaning that even if you no longer live there, we will never get the envelope back. If you selected Registered mail, you will need to pick the envelope at your old post office. If you cannot do that and we receive the envelope back, you will need to pay for Registered mail again to get it shipped again. We cannot reship any envelopes for free. In the rare event that you selected Free shipping and they actually send the envelope back to us, we will offer you a reshipment paying for the Registered mail. If we get the envelope back, we will offer you a refund too.
If you are planning to make an order from our shop and you are moving soon, consider entering an alternative address such as your parents  to make sure the envelope doesn't gets lost. You can also tell us your future address taking into account shipping times.
Do you have any tutorials on how to paint or cut your ears?

Yes, check our Instagram @madhousfxstudio for all our tutorials.

I just received my order and my ears do not fit, they fall off or a think I got a defective pair. What can I do?

We carefully inspect, try and test every single pair of ears that we ship. Most of the times, it is a matter of placement if they do not fit properly, please try to ''play'' a bit with them and follow our tutorials. Also, notice that we, humans, have different right and left ears so it is normal that a pair fits and sits differently from each other. Also, note that for a proper fit, adhesive is required to wear our ears. This provides a perfect, secured placement. If you still feel that they do not fit or there is something wrong, please send us a message attaching any pictures or videos required for us to see the actual issue. If the issue is that they just don't fit your ears, but there is no actual problem with the prosthetic, we will not offer a replacement, as it would be useless as you will receive the same product. You can return them to us and, as soon as we receive the package back, we will refund your order. Cost of any returns are always responsible of the customer.

Are your ears available in different sizes?

No, all our ears are standard adult size. However, you can easily modify them by cutting the lobe to fit smaller, pierced or stretched ears. You have a tutorial on our Instagram.

Can I ask for a custom style? Do you take commissions?

We dont make custom ears or styles sorry. Most of the times will not answer messages asking for a commission so don't feel bad!

Do you offer different skin tones?

Our latex ears are only available on a base tone super easy to fit with any foundation, concealer or any cosmetics.
Our silicone ears are available in Base, and Custom colour. Please, understand that, even though we will try to match your tone as much as possible, it will be aproximated, we are working with pictures and screens, not in real person, and you may need to do final adjustments to the ears. Reference photos must be of you (like a selfie) in natural light, where we can have a good look at your complexion. (Please understand that we cannot work with low quality photos, photos using filters or too much makeup if you are not planning to wear the ears with the same makeup) The better photos you send, the better match we can do.
Just submit the pictures through our chat or through Instagram after purchase. 

I received my ears and colour differ from each other, is it normal?

Yes, even though we try every pair to be as similar in tone as possible (right to left ear) note that we hand make and hand paint our ears, so differences in colour are normal. Also, latex is a naturally yellowish material so it affects their final tone. You are supossed (if you want to) to paint the ears to match your skin tone or character.

I have ordered more than once from you, and pairs differ in colour/thickness/bubbles/texture/other aspects

When you order a hand-made product from us, you receive an actual hand-crafted piece from start to finish. This means that, even though we obviously try to make all pairs to the same standard and characteristics, it is completely normal that a pair is slightly thicker or thinner, slightly darker or lighter than another pair, or have different textures. That is the difference between a hand made product, and a factory product. Every piece is unique.
I ordered custom silicone ears, but I received a base tone pair.

If you selected *custom, on our silicone ears, you have a period to send us your reference pictures. Also, we notify al our custom ears customers through email to submit those pictures. It is stated that if we do not receive any message from you in a timely maner (normally 48h) we will ship a base tone pair as we cannot have this order open any longer.

How can I paint them to match my skin tone?

Super easy! You can use any regular, greasy or creamy foundation or concealer. Eye shadows, powders, etc. You have a few tutorials on how to paint our ears on our Instagram.

My ears are discoloured, yellowish or darkened. Why is this and what can I do?

Latex is a natural material and gets affected by multiple enviromental factors. 
*Sunlight​ will cause discoloration. Do not expose latex for a longer period into sunlight! If you use our ears for LARP, or just want to wear them outside, we highly (seriously) recommend you to paint them before exposing them. Please note that our ears are not sold tinted and we do not pigment our latex. You are supposed to paint them to match your skin tone. Even if you think it is not too hot, Sun is Always there! (If it can darken your ears like that, imagine what it does to your skin! Tip of the day: wear sunscreen protector always, al year around!)
*Water​ and high humidity​ will degrade and discolor the latex too. Never soak your ears into water. To clean them after use, it will be more than enough to use a wipe or a cotton swab with very very little alcohol. Just clean carefully on the inside.
*Sweat​ will damage (in the long term) your latex ears too so clean them a bit after use!
*Spirit gum: This adhesive will also affect the colour and integrity of your ears. That is why we do not recommend it! Instea, we recommend Pros Aide, Mastix or even Lash glue if you don't need a super strong hold!
*Storage: Very easy, Dark and dry! Keep your ears on a dark, safe place, away from sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.

How do you ship your ears?

We ship our ears in white letter envelopes. Remember to check your mailbox! Most of the times your order is mixed with other letters.

I need advice to choose a style for a specific character, can you help me?

Of course, send us a messages and we will help you!

Do you offer sponsorships for models or cosplayers, or provide free products for reviews? 

In general terms, no. If we are ever interested in a collaboration, we will make the initial approach. Please note that most of the times we will not answer messages asking for collaborations, sponsorships or similar.

If you are thinking of doing something like this to us or any other store, I know these words will not stop you, but KNOW the damage you are doing. If you say that you have not received a package that you have received, to get another one for free. If you say that a product is wrong to receive another one for free. And much more, think twice. If everyone was like you, there would be no online business. You make the stores close. Do not turn friendly people with enthusiasm in their work and a nice customer service into sad people. You ruin everything.

*Germany - Verpackungsgesetz (LUCID Packaging Register)
Germany's Packaging Act "VerpackG" imposes requirements on online retailers selling to buyers in Germany. The Packaging Act promotes recycling and reuse of packaging materials (e.g. cardboard boxes, tape, and bubble wrap).
My company Mahy Garrido Molina is registered at the Packaging Register of the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Foundation Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR) with registration number DE5559436071305. My Dual System Licensing partner for the collection, sorting & recycling of the packaging is ACTIVATE by RECLAY.
As consumer please ensure that all received packaging is disposed of in the right recycling containers, Blue for all paper & cardboard and Yellow for all plastics.
We appreciate your cooperation.